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The American Petroleum Institute’s certification programs provide the opportunity for companies in the oil and natural gas industry to meet global demands and to operate in an increasingly competitive business environment. Today, organizations must demonstrate that they can consistently meet customer requirements and international standards through API certification.

Sterling International Consulting supports companies nationally and internationally to successfully license to API product specifications (e.g., 2C, 4F, 5CT, 5L, 6A, 6D, 6DSS, 7-1, 8C, 10A, etc.) and certify to quality specifications (e.g., API Q1, ISO TS29001, ISO 9001).

Sterling International Consulting can assist you whether it’s your first certification audit or if your quality management system needs minor changes or a complete revision. Sterling International Consulting are competent with proven oil and gas industry track records.

Organizations registering under the API Monogram Program are required to:

Prove that they have “capability” to API specified requirements
Develop and maintain a quality manual that describes their quality management system and how it conforms to the requirements of API Spec Q1 and/or API Spec. Q2
Submit quality management system application
Submit a signed API Licensing Agreement
Submit an agreement for the specific API product specification(s) to which they wish to be licensed
Operate under their documented quality management system for 4 months prior to receiving an API audit
Perform and document an internal audit
Perform and document a management review

How can Sterling International Consulting help to get ISO 14001 Certification?
With a team of highly qualified consultants and trainers having vast industrial experience, Sterling International Consulting partners organizations across the world to implement and achieve API certification. Our consulting approach is highly professional, time bound and effective resulting in ease of implementation and adds value to the business processes of the client organization. We provide API training, consulting, implementation and certification services in India, USA, UK, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Europe and African countries.

Sterling International Consulting offers comprehensive series that will help you to achieve your EMS. We Can :-
Act as the intermediary to API :- Review and comment on your quality manual and/or your procedures to the requirements of API Spec. Q1 and/or API Spec. Q2
Periodically meet with your staff to offer guidance on the development, deployment, and implementation of your QMS to the requirements of API Spec. Q1 and/or API Spec. Q2
Perform and document a pre-assessment to the requirements of API Spec. Q1 and/or API Spec. Q 2prior to the API audit
Be present during the API Q1 and/or Q2 licensing audit
Assist in the response to any audit nonconformities that may arise during your API Q1 and/or Q2 licensing audi
Assist in implementation of the remedies result from the response to your audit nonconformities
Provide you with a comprehensive approach through our technology solutions
Sterling International Consulting is experienced in the API product specifications and can also assist your company in the following areas:-
Submitting the API Monogram Program application
Performing internal quality audits
Assisting with analysis of data
Assisting with management reviews

Our Office:-
Sterling International Consulting FZE
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Dubai, United Arab Emirates
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